Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fernando - cool guitar site of the month

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From: Elmore Music <>
Date: 2012/1/17
Subject: Fernando - cool guitar site of the month
To: Fernando Carvalho <>

Hey Fernando,

I've just found a cool site called 'Express Guitar' over at ...

It's by a guy called 'Mike Hayes'  ... a 24 yr old newbie  ...
who is making THREE times more progress than his ex-guitar
teacher on the internet.

He shows you how to play all your favorite songs using a simple
step by step system and you'll start seeing results in as
little as 10 minutes.

So check it out at ...

I'll keep you updated if I find any other cool sites ... but
this one's pretty good and worth a look : )

Warm Regards,

Chris Elmore





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