Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Fretlight Guitar Color!

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Announcing the Cool White FG-411 Fretlight guitar.



There's no doubt that the Fretlight guitar is the Ultimate Learning Tool and now, we've got another new color for you to drool over. The FG-411 Cool White. Simple, clean and ready to help you get better -  and remember that the FG-411 also has a built-in tuner. Go here to purchase one now! The neck is the same neck that is on all of our Fretlights so the guitar plays and feels great.


white 411 


WE HAVE LIMITED STOCK so grab one now for $399! Get over to the Fretlight Store to purchase. What are you waiting for? Play those songs and riffs you've always dreamed of playing TODAY!


white 411 tuner 


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