Wednesday, February 01, 2012

New Internet Radio Station Looking for Fresh Tracks — Ready to submit?

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Get your music heard by new potential fans worldwide!
Dates: Wednesday, February 1st - Thursday, May 31st
Location: Online
Submissions Open: Submissions are open now!
Submissions Close: Thu May 31
Submission Fee: 0.00
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Event Description:

Butterflies Radio is an internet-based radio station that streams music from the best independent musicians from around the world. While a majority of the music in rotation consists of Pop and Rock, Butterflies Radio accepts and plays a wide range of genres, including Hip-Hop, Rap, Country, Jazz, Electronica and more. Be sure to check out Butterflies Radio at!

Butterflies Radio does not guarantee that your songs will be added to their rotation. There are several factors that they take into consideration when reviewing your material. Here are a few examples:

- Recordings of live concerts will usually not be added.
- Songs with excessive obscenities will not be accepted.
- Songs with degrading or insulting lyrics will not be accepted.

Butterflies Radio is non-profit and does not sell advertising. They do not pay royalties for the music on rotation.

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