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Here's A Cool 12 Bar Blues Soloing Technique You Can Use In Your Playing

Here's A Cool 12 Bar Blues Soloing Technique You Can Use In Your Playing

Click here to watch videoHey Fernando,

This is a very easy lesson designed to get the creative juices flowing
over a 12 Bar Blues.

The only scale you're going to work with here
is the minor and major pentatonics.

That's it!

I'll be mixing up the A minor pentatonic, A major pentatonic, and C major pentatonic scales. All these scales work together very well together for an effective solo.

The only thing you need to think about is using the A major pentatonic over the A7 chord. This always sounds great! The D7 and E7 can be treated with the A minor pentatonic and C major pentatonic.

I'll be applying the above suggestions in the solo here so you have an idea how to use them. Have fun!

E |-----17\---------5-------------------------------17\---15----------------|
B |---x--------3/5---8b10r8b10r8-5-----------x-----------15-----------------|
G |-x--------------------------------------------x------------------7b9-----|
D |-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
A |----------------------------------------15\------------------------------|
E |-------------------------------------------------------------------------|

                      D7                                 A7
E |-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B |-------------------------------------------8-----8----8----------------8-|
G |--9-9-9-9r7p5--7b9-5b6----------5---7b9---9----7b9r7--5-7/9----9\---------|
D |-------------------------------7-5-7-------------------------------------|
A |-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E |-------------------------------------------------------------------------|

E |-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B |-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G |------5------------------------------------------5---7---5b6-------------|
D |-5/7---7---5--------------------------5---5h7---x---x------7--5h7--------|
A |-----------------7\5--3b4---3-3-5/7---x-----------------------------------|
E |-------------------------------------------------------------------------|

    D7                      A7                         E7
E |------------------------------------------------8------------------------|
B |----------5------------------------------8/10---10-10--8\----------------|
G |-5---x-----7/9---9\7p5-7-5b6------------------------------5b6------------|
D |---x---x---------------------------7-7-----------------------------------|
A |-----------------------------------------------------------------------7-|
E |-------------------------------------------------------------------------|


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