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Opportunity Notice ReverbNation will Feature 10 ReverbNation bands for 1 week EACH during the months of April-June 2012
Dates: Sunday, April 1st - Saturday, June 30th
Location: Online
Submissions Open: Fri Mar 23
Submissions Close: Tue May 15
Submission Fee: 0.00
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Event Description:

Gotham Rocks is a rock and metal powerhouse in New York City, consisting of a concert promotions company and which is a site focused on news and reviews for the best modern, hard rock and metal. Gotham Rocks is looking for hot new bands to feature on its website. The features will consist of a review of either a band's album, video or live show (or any combination of the three). Each of the reviews will be featured on the homepage for one week. Gotham Rocks is NYC's premier modern rock independent concert series and was founded with the goal of creating great opportunities and exposure for talented, up-and-coming rock, alternative and metal bands.

At least 10 bands will be selected through this round of submissions for a feature. This round consists of April - June 2012.

Genres of Music: rock, hard rock, alternative rock, modern rock, metal, industrial and the like.

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