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hailz from SOUTH AMERICA HELL !!!!!!!!!!!

here is some stuffs releases that it will be honours and pleasures to changes / trades/ with yours  , let me now ? and all this stuffs come with this points..

cd album + 2 stickers + 1 poster
demos + buttoms + 1 stickers
eps, splits+ patchs
so check this brutal stuffs from peruvian bands and then tell me yours list to trades..
p.d. coment me if you have zines for trades....
dpto of press

NAHUAL---------------------        hail satanic victory ( 1995-2005 ) (black metal )
                                                    the scaffold of the dead ( cd album / digi pack)
                                                    the unreleased apostasy act demo tape 2008 + 8 live tracks from 2001 + 3 bonus              tracks.
                                                    covencraft finally the two fisrt Nahual demo tapes available on CD format...
BLEED OF HATE ------------              new blod more victims (brutal death metal )cd full lenght  2005
                                                     demo ( cd) 2003
GORE------------------------              necrotic feast(peruvian gore death metal )cd
EN LAS ESPECIAS NIEBLAS -----       de memorias y destinos ( cd ) doom death metal
CADAVER INCUVADOR ----------       coleccion de humanos ( cd )  full lenght brutal death metal
                                                     llegando a la colonia de enfermedades ( cd ) demo 1999
                                                    te llego el olor de la muerte (cd) demo 1997
MORTEM------------------------          demon tales ( cd ) album full lenght (death metal) 1995
                                                     decomposed by possession (cd)  full lenght  2000        
                                                     de natura daemonum ( cd )  full lenght 2005   
                                                     the devil speaks in tongues (cd) full lenght 1998
STYGIA-----------------------------      anthems ( cd ) 2007 death metal
BURNING IN PENTAGRAM --------      copilatorio peruano (death/black metal) volumen II
ABIGAIL ETERNAL-----------------     tears of passion (cd) 2005 black metal melodic
ADOGMA-----------------------------   demo 2006 (cd) melodic black metal
AGONIZE--------------------------       demo 2001 (restos mortales ...en el tiempo (cd) death metal
AKELDAM---------------------            carion (2004) demo black metal
                                                    ab aeternum (cd) 2005 full lenght
                                                    gritos de guerra (demo) 2009
                                                    ritos de guerra (full lenght) cd 2009
AKRATEIA ----------------------        sin destino (demo) 2000 cd death/thrash metal
ANAL VOMIT-----------------            gathering of putrid demons   (cd) 2009 full lenght black death metal                
                                                    depravation ( cd ) 2007 full lenght
                                                    demoniac flagellations (2004) full lenght
                                                    devotos del diablo (split) 2004
                                                    from peruvian hell (ep ) 2002
                                                   sudamerica brutal ( demo ) 1998
                                                  into the eternal agony ( cd ) demo 1997
ANNIHILATE------------------          beginning rites (cd) demo 2009 death metal
                                                  my soul demands annihilation (cd) demo 2006
ANTYLIFE---------------------         agonia (cd) demo 2010 depressive black metal
AQUELARRE------------------        demo tape ( 2005) death metal
ASTUR-------------------------       emerging from the death rattle (cd) demo 2009 death metal
AVOIDANT-----------------------    eye solated breed (demo) cd 2011 death metal
AYAHUAIRA----------                  el dominio de la verdadera fuerza suprema (demo ) 2002 cd black metal paganism
                                               el poder de la divinidad (demo) 2009
AYASHINAN ---------------           luna de los muertos (demo ) cd 2009 funeral doom metal
BARKRON -------------------------  barkron (cd) 2010 full lenght
BASTARD CHRIST ---------------   war invoking die (2008 full lenght (cd) black metal
                                                 reh hell pre war invoking die (demo) 2006 cd
                                                war blasphemy (demo) 2005
BELFEGOR------------------          darkness promo media ( split ) 2004 black death metal
                                               true southamerica black metal (demo) 2004
BELZEC-------------------------      the art of holocaust  (cd) full lenght 2005 black metal
                                                split/ dark faith  2005
                                                holocaust ( demo) 2001
                                                world genocide (demo) 1999
BESTIAL POSSESSION----------   duros, ebrios y lujuriosos (cd) full lenght 2009 thrash death metal
                                               sepulchral noise (split) 2009
BLACK ANGEL-------------------    infernal rituals (split) 2011 black metal
                                               malun disciplinae ( split) 2011
                                               impious jaws of bestial rites and evil consecrations (split) 2011
                                               the black truth (cd ) full lenght
                                               black angel attack (split) 2011
                                               satanica devastation (split) 2010
                                               satanic apocalypse (split) 2010
                                               satanic rites (split) 2009
                                              apocalyptic rehearsel (cd) full lenght 2009
                                              beyong from beyong (cd) full lenght 2006
                                              from the darkness (cd) full lenght 2005
                                              corpus (cd) demo 2000
BLACK TERROR-----------------   nigrum terroris (ep) 2006 war black metal
BLACKER-----------------------    cult for satan  (cd) demo 2008 black metal raw
                                             infernal hierarchy ( cd) demo 2008
BLASPHEMER -----------------    into the deathritual (cd) demo 2007 black metal
CALVARIUM------------------    demo (cd ) 2006 black metal
CAPUT MORTUM -------------   el sendero de la sangre (cd) demo 2010 black metal anticristians
                                            caput mortum (ep) 2008
CARCAVA----------------        holocausto (dvd) 2006 death metal
                                          condesa snagrienta (demo) 2004 cd
DEATH INVOKER------------   demo ( cd ) 2010 black death metal
                                         sepulchral noise (split) 2009
DEMONIAC SLAUGHTER------ involve in pestilence (cd) demo 2009 death metal
DEMONOMANCY ----------     befoo wereld (cd) demo 1993 black metal satanism
DEMONIC SACRIFICE -------  bestial prayers of the black (split) 2010 black metal
                                         from the land of violence and coca (cd ) full lenght 2010
DISINTER------------------    war pest (cd ) compilation 2007 death metal
                                         hell gate (cd) full lenght
                                         unborn (cd) demo 1997
KRANIUM--------                satanica devastacion (split) 2010 death metal
                                      testimonios (cd) full lenght 1999
                                      mundo interiro (cd) copilatorio 2006
dpto of press
c/o armando mutilador
avenida morro solar 1712
residencial monterrico sur
santiago de surco
lima 33 peru
south america


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