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How To Play Minor Chords

How To Play Minor Chords

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Minor chords are just as important as a foundation as it's major counterpart.

Most chords are built from either a major or minor triad therefore, these shapes are the next crucial step to mastering chords on the guitar.

Again, you'll find 2 sets of chords below categorized into larger shapes and smaller shapes. Memorize these as you'll never know which shapes you'll need to play.

The red numbers in the second set symbolize the root of the chord.

     Gm         Dm

E |--5-----------5-----|
B |--5-----------6-----|
G |--5-----------7-----|
D |--7-----------7-----|
A |--7-----------5-----|
E |--5-----------------|

    Am          Em       Am          Em

E |--5----------5---------8----------10---|
B |--5----------6--------—10---------10---|
G |--5----------7---------9----------10---|
D |--7------------------------------------|
A |---------------------------------------|
E |---------------------------------------|


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