Friday, September 13, 2013

Last Call: Want your music video seen by millions of college students across the U.S.?

Opportunity Notice ReverbNation
Music Video Feature across U.S. College Campuses
Dates: Aug 20, 2013 - Sep 20, 2013
Location: Online
Submissions Open: Tue Aug 20
Submissions Close: Fri Sep 20
Submission Fee: FREE
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Event Description:

Campus Nation is the premier provider of media directly targeted at the educated 18-24 demographic. The company reaches young adults through a sophisticated network of LCD screens located in college stores, dining halls, recreation areas, and fitness centers at college campuses nation wide.
These venues are visited by more than 60 million students each year. At least one ReverbNation artist's video per month will be aired across college campuses nationwide.

Additional Details: Music videos will be played five times an hour. Please do not submit live performance videos. Only music videos will be accepted. HD videos are preferred. Submitted videos should not be watermarked or contain graphics pertaining to song details (song name, artist name, label, director, etc.).These will be added later. Due to the public viewing forum, content cannot contain lewd behavior, overtly sexual content, nudity, substance abuse or extreme violence.

Selection Criteria: Appeal to 18-24 demographic

About Campus Nation Network: Campus Nation is a pioneer in digital out-of-home, with roots that date to the earliest days of place-based advertising. The company has evolved with the industry and, along the way, learned what works for its advertisers, retail partners and audience.

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Physical inquiries can be sent to: P.O. Box 2086, Durham, NC, 27702, USA

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