Monday, March 09, 2015

Important notice regarding the Fair Share program


The new ReverbNation is now ad-free.


Please note that we are discontinuing the Fair Share program.

Dear Cascara Sagrada,

Have you checked out your ReverbNation profile on your smartphone or tablet lately? Or wandered to our homepage and seen the most recent updates? If you have, you'll notice that the site is now mobile and tablet-friendly — modern, easy-to-use, and consistent on any device. And, in keeping with this new aesthetic and our Artists First focus, you'll notice that we no longer include any ads from third parties.

One byproduct of the changes, however, is the removal of our Fair Share program. This program, launched in 2007, was designed to share revenue generated through third-party advertisements on the site with our Artist community. But no more ads means no more revenue to share.

If you have any questions about this transition, please feel free to email us at


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you removing Fair Share?
We wanted to make your ReverbNation experience ad-free, which means that we no longer have any advertising revenue to share with our Artists.

Do I have to do anything?
No. Fair Share will be automatically removed from your ReverbNation profile, and your account tools and services will continue to work without interruption.

What will happen to my existing Fair Share revenue?
Any revenue you made from Fair Share will still be available in your ReverbNation account.

Can you deposit my Fair Share earnings directly into my account?
Unfortunately, no. You will still have to withdraw funds to a valid PayPal account.

Have questions? Drop us a line at:
Physical inquiries can be sent to:
P.O. Box 2086, Durham, NC  27702, USA
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