Friday, February 24, 2017

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February 16 – February 23

Cascara Sagrada, here's your profile activity for the week ending February 23

You are #15 in the Rock charts for Catanduva, SP
New Profile Views
977 Total
New Song Plays
92 Total
New Fans
1,395 Total

All Activity This Past Week

Chart Rank 15 total view
Band Equity 1,788 total view
1 Profile Views 977 total view
Song Plays 92 total view
Video Plays view
1 Fans 1,395 total view
Likes 175 total view
Downloads view
Song Sales view
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Banda Cáscara Sagrada
Ouça as musicas no site e comente 

entre no  Game da Banda  e se divirta 

Fernando Carvalho 

 17- 99155-4920



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