Friday, March 10, 2017

Create more than just infographics: Presentations, Social Media Images, CVs and more

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Use Piktochart for more than just Infographics

Hey there,

How's Piktochart working out for you? We hope it's up to expectations; if not, these might help! 

Truth is, many fellow Piktocharts use the editor to create way more than just infographics, presentations, reports and posters. Countless users create content including: 

  • Social media images 
  • Teaching materials
  • Newsletters
  • CVs
  • Elevator pitches
  • Crowdfunding visuals and so on!

We're here to share with you Things You Can Create With Piktochart Apart from Infographics, a blogpost series that we came up with to inspire the creativity within you. We believe that your powers could be near limitless when it comes to creating visuals with Piktochart, regardless of purpose and format!

With love,
Your Friends at Piktochart

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