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Learn The Dominant 7 Chords For When You Start Playing Blues Guitar

Learn The Dominant 7 Chords For When You Start Playing Blues Guitar

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Dominant 7 chords are the most common type of chord utilized in
the Blues Style.

It's one of the main three qualities of 7th chords
and they're used in many styles of music.

In this lesson there are 4
forms that I think you need to know to get you playing the Blues fast.

So, what exactly is a Dominant 7? It's a major triad with a lowered 7th meaning the 7th is a whole step below the root.

Example: C E G Bb

"C-E-G" is the major triad and the "Bb" is the lowered 7th.

The goal is to memorize these shapes so you can use them in any song. Practice transitioning among all the forms and observe the job of each finger.

You want minimal movement when transitioning and by working through each form slowly, you'll be able to make the changes with little effort.


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